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Unique & Unstoppable

Unique & Unstoppable

Experience what happens when stylists, beauty and spa specialists come together, running their own show.

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Your expertise and talent is enhanced and fully backed at Studio U Salons.

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Designed Just for U

Designed Just for U

Studio U Salons is professionally equipped for you to start your business now.

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What Our Studio Owners Have To Say

  • ​Just about 6 months ago I made a decision to move to my own studio salon. Studio U was my choice for the convenient location, size of the studio, the privacy and security for my clients and myself. The company and the office staff made the move easy and fast and when anything goes wrong I can make a phone call and corporate is here for me and the rest of the tenants. You can make it your own with your personal touches and make it as comfortable and friendly for your clients needs. Thank you Studio U.

    Danna Olivo

    Studio 15

  • When I made the decision to start my own business I began the search for a studio space and after checking out a few others I knew the minute I walked into Studio U Salons I had found the ideal space for my business. The feel and design of the place was beautiful and cutting edge. I loved being able to decorate my own space to my liking so it is personal and comfortable for me and my guests. The Studio U team provides every basic need and then some so you can move right in with your own supplies and get started easily. Meaghan was so nice and encouraging and made me feel that I’d have full support in my new venture to become self-employed. As it turns out it absolutely WAS the right decision because I’ve been succeeding from day one. There is incredible freedom in being able to run the show and work within the terms that you set for yourself while having the Studio U Salon Team back you up along the way. It does require hard work to be a success but the return is beyond worth it. I believe that there is no better choice than Studio U Salons when starting your own.

    Jill Hohenstein

    The Velvet V @
    Studio U Salons

  • I recently joined Studio U Salon’s team of independent beauty professionals in one luxurious location. Now having myown independent business located in a separate studio salon sharing a common entrance and waiting lounge area. What I appreciate the most is that it allows me to provide a high level of personal attention and décor to maximize my customers experience. I enthusiastically recommend Studio U Salons. My 20 years of working in hair salons, this is a great way to venture and start a business of my own with a fraction of the upfront cost normally associated with starting a business. The choice was easy, a fully equipped salon and more importantly the Studio U Salon team of professionals are ready to help. I made the move, creating my own schedule and maximizing revenue to get my life back!

    ​Maritza Diaz

    Studio U Salons

  • I chose Studio U Salons because they provided me the tools to be successful. A blank canvas to paint my success and the building blocks to create anything I could dream. Yes, I could of gone anywhere, but why. After reviewing the cost of my own studio, all my requirements were met. The overhead, the décor, the security, the family you make here and the peace of mind that comes with knowing … This is YOURS. And, that is why I have my Massage studio here.

    Tina Rask


    Studio U Salons

  • The minute I toured Studio U Salons … I knew this was the place for me. The modern look, size of the studio, the beautiful lounge area and where I can provide my clients the best experience. The on-going education classes improve my skills. Their marketing support helped me increase my clientele by ten percent. Allowing me to continue to grow and build a successful business of my own.
    I’m succeeding! Thanks to the Studio U Salons team.

    Liam Miranda